Tuesday 8th August 2017

Couldn’t believe the time we were up this morning….11:30am!!! Isabelle is definitely spoiling us. She had her snack box upstairs with her which includes sandwiches so she had eaten and decided to go on the Xbox in the man cave before even thinking about coming into me or Che. Not going to lie, but that massive lay in was so needed by both of us. Thank You Belle 😊😊😊

Once we got our lazy arses out of bed, I remembered that I had my new anti depressants I had to start taking today, so I took the stated dosage. Now it’s just waiting for them to kick in over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed these will give me my life back and make me, me again.

I still didn’t feel all that great with my head but now with excruciating stomach pains  thrown in, the joys of being a woman! Explains why my head was so bad last night. Again, I’ve not done much because I always suffer really badly when it’s that time of the month. 

Isabelle had speech therapy today but becsuse of how bad I felt and my head, there was no way I could go out or drive anywhere, so I asked my mum if she wouldn’t mind taking her for me today which she happily agreed to do. Very much appreciated!                                                       Of course, my Mum and Dad took her to McDonald’s after as its something we usually do anyway after Speech Therapy. We did this after Isabelles first ever session because we didn’t know how she would react so we thought it would be a treat and something for her to look forward to if Speech Therapy didn’t go as planned, i suppose it just stuck. Belle is good though, because most of the time she will swap chips for carrots and she will ask for a fruit bag too, So we don’t mind taking her every week.

This evening has consisted of hot water bottles, TV and taking medication! I’m hoping by the morning I’ll feel much better and able to get out and about without being in too much pain. 

Before I forget!!!! My blog logo was made by @mysteriousupafan check his work out on Instagram and give his page a follow! 

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