10th/11th/12th/13th August 2017

I’ve not blogged for a few days so I thought rather than doing separate posts, id just combine it all into one.

I was going to blog on Thursday night but I then received some really sad news. A school friend sadly passed away, he had been battling Anorexia for quite some time. This really did sadden me and I didn’t want to believe it because the memories I have of him are the opposite of who he was before he passed away. Back at school, he came in with a brief case! Even though he got some stick for it, it didn’t really bother him as he continued to bring it to school every day. Then there were his impressions of people, especially of Mr. Bean, absolutely hilarious!!! A personal memory of him was when I saw him out of school, he had gone indoors and came back with a full bottle of Tia Maria. We sat outside swigging from the bottle but it was honestly the worst possible drink i had ever tasted 😂😂😂 safe to say, I didn’t feel very well after that! I always imagined he would go on to be really successful, famous even, so to hear of his passing was a shock. All though I’m sad about it, I just hope that he’s at peace now and his demons have left him alone. R.I.P. Chris, you will be very sadly missed xx.

Friday 11th August 2017                                 I hadn’t really slept much as I kept thinking about my friend so I knew today was going to be a struggle. Isabelle and I were going to see the Emoji film today but we decided to have a family day instead because the weather was actually nice for a change and we wanted to go out and about. We ended up in Primark while Che stayed in the car. Isabelle saw a dress she wanted almost instantly, which funnily enough was one of the ones we had in mind for her carnival dress, so it was so strange that she liked this one. The best part was that it was now reduced to £5, next she spotted a cute little purse and a pack of bubbles which she HAD to have and of course me being the soft touch, I agreed that she could have them aswell. I also picked up a few new pairs of new socks for Belle too, which of course she picked out the ones she liked. After our brief shopping trip we headed to Waterstones and Neros which is upstairs. We each had a chocolate milkshake but Isabelle had a chocolate brownie with hers, we sat in and chatted while Belle was drawing and wrting in her unicorn notebook she brought along with her.

In Waterstones we had a look around and Belle picked a joke book which was £8. My mum and dad sometimes give her £1 when they see her so shes been saving them up, today she had £6 so we put the extra £2 to it so she could buy her book. Belle was so happy with her book, it gave her a sense of pride that she bought something out of her own money that she had been saving up. That made me happy to see that the life lesson we have taught her has been paying off – if she wants something then she needs to earn it and save up her pennies. In general it was a good day for me despite the lack of sleep and the news id received the night before.

Saturday 12th August 2017                            Last night was an other sleepless night but this time it was down to my gallbladder, I seriously cant wait to have the bastard thing out because the pain it causes is unbearable when it’s playing up. I am on the 8 month waiting list for surgery, so early next year the thing will be out and hopefully it will be one less thing I’ll have to worry about ever again.

After the nights gallbladder attack which always leaves me aching, shattered and just not feeling great the next day, I was convinced to make an appointment to get my hair cut as id recently been moaning that I hadn’t had it cut or coloured for around 8 months, which for me is a long time! So, thanks to my mum and dad they treated me to go and get my hair cut – Thank you mum and dad, I really appreciate it the treat and I feel loads better for it. While i was getting ny hair cut, my mum and dad took Belle out around the shops and then took her to theirs for dinner. While Che and I had a few hours child free, we had a look around the shops without the usual ‘mummy can I have?’ Or ‘ mummy I’m bored, can we go now please?’ As much I love Belle to bits, it’s always nice to have abit of a break and to have some breathing head space to allow my head to catch up with things. I know it sounds selfish but for me personally and the issues I have, having breaks sometimes are so important for my Mentle Health to keep myself healthy and to be the best parent I can possibly be to Isabelle.

Sunday 13th August 2017                               At last I finally got some sleep and I felt so much more better for it. We didn’t hear from Belle until around 11.30am, she had gone into the man cave and played on Che’s Xbox for the morning whilst eating her snack box, I think she knew we were both shattered and needed the extra sleep, bless her! Today didn’t go to plan as Isabelle was meant to go to my mum’s for dinner as my nieces and nephew are down from Essex today. My brother was meant to be meeting my mum and dad halfway at the services this afternoon, however, plans changed and they didn’t arrive until later this evening. Even though the weather wasn’t too bad today we had abit of a chill/rest day instead. I often need rest days because of my Fibromyalgia, the tiredness, aches and pains are overwhelming at times and I’m forced to rest whether I like it or not. Belle had been abit of a cow bag today with cheek and attitude. Honestly, it feels like we have a teenager in the house sometimes. We decided to have a late film afternoon/early evening and let Belle pick the film.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow as my nieces and nephew are here and it will be nice to see them again, they grow up so fast it’s scary! Isabelle will be pleased to see them as she will get to see them every day, so lots of fun for them all 😊😊😊 How can i feel down or not my self when i see and hear the kids having so much fun and laughter together?!

Tonight, Che and I started watching Pretty Little Liars, im definitely enjoying it so far even though some parts are so predictable. I think one more episode and then up to bed ready for a week of fun and madness.

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