Friday 25th August 2017

I now have no one to talk to when I have my really shitty days, only because it upsets others when I say how I’m feeling or what’s going through my mind. So for that reason, I’m seriously considering not carrying on with this blog anymore because other than talking, this was my only other outlet to get things out and hope to feel just a tiny bit better. I suppose rather than getting things out in the open, I’ve now learnt it’s better to keep it all inside to myself because then I can’t hurt or upset anyone. I’m going to try so hard to not cry or show feelings of unhappiness anymore, instead I will either keep a fake smile on my face or not show any emotion at all to anyone. I’ve always been told to talk about stuff but it’s got me nowhere now and all I’m doing is upsetting people. 

I’m a useless parent, useless girlfriend, useless daughter, useless friend and useless at every fucking thing. I’m done with it all, I give up on everything.

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