Thursday 31st August 2017

Its been almost a week since my last post. Its been that long because i just didnt feel like it and didnt want to annoy people by posting everyday. Since ive not blogged, ive been feeling down and meh because ive had no outlet to get things out of my system.

I woke up today feeling like I hadn’t slept for a week, ive been so tired, ive had to rest and nap for the best part of the day inbetween getting Isabelle to tidy her bloody room up! Which after tears, arguments, drama and stress she finally done it and even gave away two bags full of Peppa pig and Ben and Holly toys to the little girl across the road from us. She also got one of her Angel ornaments from her room and carefully picked out some of her shopkins and placed them in front of a photo, which we have on show in the front room, of my Nanny and Grandad which are her Great Nanny and Grandad and tells me that they are presents for them. Honestly, she made my heart melt, I’m super proud of her today for showing such love, kindness and being so thoughtful.

Yesterday, We finally went to see The Emoji Movie at the cinema but Che and I kept it a secret and didnt tell Isabelle where we were going until we got there because by that point, it woukd be pretty obvious! We all enjoyed the film and was just long enough to keep the attention of a 7 year old. When we got home, Belle tried on all of her new school uniform ready to start on Monday, I was not prepared for seeing just how grown up she looked. I wanted to cry so much because I realised that shes not a little baby anymore and is fast becoming a little lady, these 6 weeks of the summer holidays have gone too quickly for my liking, it feels like she only left her infant school last week. I think it’s safe to say that shes had a very busy summer holiday though….. Zak was down for 2 and a half weeks, Isabelle was a mini miss Margate Carnival Princess for the day, then my nieces and nephew were here for a week which involved lots of trips to the beach, the park and of course a very special trip to Dreamland. She has had trips to coffee shops for milkshakes and brownies, trips to her favourite – McDonald’s, more outing to different parks and to town shopping where she has been able to spend her pocket money (and ours! Lol), an afternoon at the cinema, She had more trips to the beach and  her boyfriend/best friend joined us one day with his mum who is also one of our best friends. Thanks to Belle I’ve found I really enjoy making teddies and puppets, she bought an art set last week which involved sewing, so obviously I had to do the sewing and Belle helped with putting the stuffing inside. She is still yet to tell me where to sew on the decorations on her new toy though. Since making that one thing, ive gone out and bought materials to make more and customise them to suit Isabelle, However, I have been conned into making a pikachu toy not only for Belle but for Che AND Ian. 😁😁😁 

Tuesday just gone Isabelle had speech therapy but it was the therapists last day working with Belle as she has a new job in Canterbury. So, before we went for her session we went shopping for a card and some presents for her to say Thank You for everything she has done for Isabelle since having her first session back in February. We decided on filling a mason jar up with mini beauty items and chocolates, though we bought so much it wouldn’t all fit in there so it was lucky we had the gift bag aswell to put it all in. Belle was definitely pleased with the items she picked and was excited to give them to her therapist. We arrived there and Belle have her the present and card, I honestly thought the therapist was going to cry because her eyes glazed over while a big beaming smile spread on her face. She opened it up in front of us and we could all tell she was so grateful but surprised to have been given such a gift. The next time Belle has speech therapy it will be with a new therapist, luckily it will be with someone she has met before already and I’m sure she will be just as nice.

I’m going to try and blog everyday again but it just depends on how I’m feeling I suppose, I don’t want to make it public if all I’m doing is annoying people or being judged for sharing my most inner thoughts and feelings. I dont know, I’ll just see how the future days go. 

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