4th April 2019 – Taken from my Social Media Accounts.

Tonight, when Isabelle should’ve been asleep she came downstairs because she was sad about Peter.
I found our old wedding photos when sorting through some old things in my bedroom the other day. I showed them to Isabelle. Tonight, I gave her permission to go and take one of the pictures to bed with her. The picture she had chosen was actually one of my favourites of Peter and I together.
5 minutes later she came back downstairs with the picture in her hand, she had been crying. She started asking a lot of difficult questions, things I didn’t think I’d have to answer or explain or even need to tell her until she was alot older but I’ve NEVER lied to her about ANYTHING before so I definitely wasn’t going to start now. Obviously the things she knows now, we told her in a way she would understand and not get upset over. I was proud of how amazingly well she understood and just how clever she put things to us.
After a chat and lots of kisses and cuddles she went back up to bed. Around 10 minutes later she was back downstairs to show us an acrostic poem she had written about Peter and I have to admit, it really was lovely – I had a lump in my throat reading it. She makes me so proud!!
It’s the last day of term tomorrow and Isabelle will be off for 2 and half weeks, I’ve been looking forward to the Easter holidays for awhile because I feel that some family fun time is really needed for all of us.

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