5th April 2019 – Taken from my Social Media Accounts.

Why do I post about some very personal things that are happening or have happend in my life?

I post for me, to get things out there in the universe whether anyone reads my posts or not that’s a different story. I find it therapeutic and a way to express who I really am because I’m quite aware that I can come across as closed off, distant or a little cold to some people. However, I’m usually in that kind of mood if I’m not having the best of days or I’ve had some kind of mini break down half an hour before or I could’ve been crying only 10 minutes ago or I’d just received some shit news minutes before talking to you. It’s never intentional and I promise you I am not a rude or stuck up person, though my resting bitch face really doesn’t help my case sometimes. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

I post because I hope that it will help others who could be feeling the same or who could be going through or who have gone through similar things as I have. I dont have the biggest following and that’s ok because I know the people who do follow me appreciate and enjoy my posts. I know this because I’ve had comments and messages telling me this. I’ve also had messages from people thanking me for being so open about some of the things in my life as it’s encouraged them to talk and get help and that has always been one of my aims – to get more people talking about their problems and raising more awareness and it’s working!!
I don’t post for attention.
I don’t post for sympathy.
I don’t post so everyone will make a fuss of me.
I don’t post to spread negativity, far from it!
I post and be so honest and open because I CARE.
I know what it’s like to
feel so alone,
to feel hurt,
to feel like no one cares,
to feel like I might as well not be here anymore,
to feel like I dont matter,
to feel like my problems aren’t important and a whole load of other feelings and emotions.
I hate the thought of anyone feeling the same way or having to go through difficult times alone wondering if what they’re feeling is normal and so that’s why I do it.
Even if we don’t talk anymore or we’re just friends on social media, my inbox is always open to anyone who needs someone to talk to or even just a rant – it can be about absolutely anything. I can’t promise I’ll be able to make all of your problems and worries disappear but I can definitely listen and give you my thoughts and opinions (If you want them of course!!)
Just know that there is someone who does genuinly care and wants to listen no matter who you are.

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