It’s been awhile…

I took a break away from blogging for awhile as I kind of lost my way and felt like ‘What’s the point?’ However, during my break away I was posting elsewhere on my Facebook page and over on Instagram. I will be adding those posts here for those who don’t follow those pages and wish to catch up. They will be added directly under this one.
I’m back and I’m ready to take my blog seriously again and have fun with it! I got a nudge in the right direction by an other blogger who I have been chatting to these last few days. She is super successful and has made a brilliant career out of blogging, she even has her own book too! It’s called Mum Boss – which by the way is bloody amazing!! Who am I talking about I hear you ask..? Well checkout @honestmum on Instagram and Facebook, she has given me words of encouragement and has booted me up the arse to carry on blogging and enjoy it again and that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I’m excited to be blogging again and sharing my life as honestly as I can in hope it will help others in their times of need.

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