Time for a change…

After weeks of Che nagging me to go and get my hair done because he wanted to treat me, I finally went yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve gone from dark and a very badly faded out blue at the mid lenghts and ends to blonde. I change my hair every season and I seem to have always done this. Spring and Summer I generally go lighter and Autumn and Winter I go back darker. I also like to sometimes try a brighter colour like a blue, red or purple – just some of the colours I’ve been over the past 3 years.

I always feel more confident and happier when I’m blonde because I personally feel I suit it well but having said that, I’m lucky because I generally suit most hair colours.

Like most people I feel good and refreshed after having my hair done. It’s amazing how abit of self care can really lift your mood and make you feel more alive again, this is something I definitely need to do more of because I have neglected myself just lately and I’d encourage others to do the same thing. It doesn’t have to be having your hair done (although it does feel good). It could just be taking some time out and reading a book for 20 minutes, going for a walk, meditation, painting your nails, have a shave/trim your beard, take a shower or a bath with no interruptions, it really could be anything just as long as it gives you a lift and it makes YOU happy!

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