Summer Holidays… “I’m hungry” “Can I have this?” “What can I have to eat?”

S U M M E R 🌞 H O L I D A Y S

I think we’re all very familiar with this picture, especially when it’s the 6 weeks summer holidays.

As much as we love the summer holidays and we enjoy having Isabelle at home to spend some quality time with her, I would dread the cost of it all especially the food shop with all the extra snacks and things.

About 2 summers ago, just before Isabelle broke up from school, we came up with the idea of snack packs!
We would go shopping for snack/lunch bits and divide them up to last for 7 days (or until the next food shop) and each pack would be put either in a tub (like an old plastic Chinese container) or sandwhich bags.
After breakfast we would give Isabelle her snack pack for the day and explain to her that those snacks are to last her all day and once they’re gone that’s it until tomorrow. Obviously she would have her lunch and dinner aswell but the snack packs were there to cut down costs of the constant top up during the week and to stop the “Can I have this?” “Can I have that?” “I’m hungry” “Can I have something to eat?”

The snack packs include the usual pack lunch bits but with extras and with added treats to last throughout the day.
It has worked brilliantly for us so far and has saved us SO much money doing things this way and we will definitely being doing them again for this summer too!

If anyone is thinking of doing the same but just don’t know where to start or need ideas of what to buy, I am more than happy to help, just leave me a comment or message me. 😁😁😁

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