Nails Nails Nails…

๐Ÿ’… N A I L S ๐Ÿ’…

I used to work as a nail technician from home around 7 years ago but had to stop once I moved back to my hometown because there wasn’t a suitable room for me to do them in. I couldn’t drive back then so going mobile wasn’t really an option either.
Anyway, just lately I’ve really started to get back into doing them again, only on myself and Isabelle at the moment.

Isabelles nails are the top pictures – when it’s term time she is only allowed to wear nail polish on her finger nails at weekends, however, she has bugged me for ages to have gel polish. So I told her that once the summer holidays start she can have gel polish on her finger nails with any colours she wants and glitter of course (What 9 year old girl doesn’t like glitter?!) After around 20 minutes of deciding on those oh so important colours and her choice of glitter she decided on pink and bright orange topped with silver glitter. She was very happy with them and not a chip in sight!

My nails are the bottom pictures – they are gel extensions done with nail forms and I applied gel polish for colour. Considering I’ve not done nail extensions for years and the main ones I did were mainly acrylics, plus these are the first extensions I’ve ever done using nail forms, I think I’ve done a half decent job on them!
I’m really happy with them and I love my new claws! Now it’s just to see how long they will last on me.

I find doing nails really relaxes me and let’s me escape from my own mind and worries. It might sound odd but it does wonders for my mental health! I tend to zone out and my brain gets a rest from all the thinking it does when I’m at a low point. I think of nothing else but nails. Not only does it give me something different to focus on, it also gives me a lift and I feel better in myself once I’ve finished doing them.

I’m considering going back to working as a nail technician again and go mobile this time around because I can now drive which will make it so much more easier to do. There’s alot I need to think about, health wise because I have Fibromyalgia which effects all of my body. I worry that my wrists might give out or I’ll have awful pains in my fingers/they lock up and I’ll be unable to finish a set of nails! However, I think those issues only happen when I do my own nails because I have to get my hands in some odd positions when it comes to putting the forms on, filing and buffing the nails. When I do Isabelles nails I don’t have any issues at all.

I’d also like to brush up on my skills and practise a little more before going for it. So for now I’m just going to practise on my training hand and on my mum, sister in law and my sister and nieces when they are visiting from Scotland and go from there.

The gel polish I used is by @premier.gel in seahorse.
The bright orange used on Isabelles nails is also by Premier gel in tequila sunrise.

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