Lots to say…

✍ L O T S T O S A Y ✍

Just a quick post to say that the weekend was eventful and I have SO much I need to write about!

– 6 month anniversary. πŸ’œ

– Fibromyalgia – a new symptom for me. πŸ’œ

– Social anxiety (again!) and not meeting up with people. πŸ’œ

– Lovely and very positive feedback. πŸ’œ

– Needing a social media detox especially from messages and emails. πŸ’œ

So because there’s quite a few topics I want to talk about, I think I will end up writing multiple posts over the next day or two on my social media accounts and on here because it gives me more space to go into detail about things.

Keep an eye out! πŸ‘€

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