🖤 S I X 🖤

Today was the 6 month anniversary since Peter died. It’s gone so quickly and it’s really made me think just how quick life really does pass you by. It’s scary.

For two days running I’ve had a bad fibro flair and today I’ve just felt off, not quite myself and sad because of what today is.
Some days it still doesn’t feel real and I half expect to hear from him again. I’ve thought about Peter alot today and alot of questions and thoughts have run through my mind about him. I still live in the place that he once lived in with me and Isabelle and I think that makes things abit more difficult sometimes.

I’ve still not properly cried for a long time now over what happend to him. I feel like that part of my brain has switched off for awhile! I get that feeling you have just before you cry and the weird ‘hurt’ feeling is there but the tears just aren’t there which is frustrating because I KNOW it will do me good and I’ll feel a million times better for it. I suppose these things take time and knowing me the tears will happen when I least expect it to!

I’ve been spiritual all of my life and I’ve definitely felt Peters presence around alot lately. There have been loads of weird things happening since he died, things that you just can’t explain!
I tend to feel him around me late at night in my bedroom when everyone else is asleep. His presence isn’t scary or threatening, it’s more calm and protecting.
As weird as it might sound, considering our history, I really do hope that he continues to visit us.

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