💁‍♀️I’ M S O O V E R Y O U💁‍♀️

💁‍♀️ I’ M S O O V E R Y O U 💁‍♀️

This is exactly how I’ve been feeling. This has got to be one of the most hardest slumps I’ve ever tried getting myself out of!

I’ve had the start of a sore throat for a few days and today I’ve felt really drained and run down, like I literally have no energy to do anything. Thinking is even proving difficult, which is ridiculous.

Maybe my body and mind is on some sort of shut down or something because my mental state of mind and my physical health have been hit so bloody hard? To be honest I can’t really blame it. I’ve tried the usual self care things but nothing is really helping so I’m kind of just having to go with feeling like this until it passes. Trust me, it’s not nice.

I believe because we’ve had such a terrible year, it’s now taking its toll on me. What we have gone through, most people would experience within a life time – we’ve experienced it in less than a year! The lack of support through some of the most trying times has not helped. When we’ve need that break to try and recover our minds and restore our focus, the support just wasn’t there.
Everyone says “If you need anything let me/us know and I’ll/we will help” however, we’ve definitely discovered that not everyone actually means it and when it came to the crunch barely anyone was there for us and when the offer of “help” was made by particular people it just wouldn’t have been useful or beneficial to anyone at the time.

We’ve had insensitive comments made, been bitched about, had things made all about them and been forgotten about. We’ve even had “one uppers” try to out do us of how awful our life has been – I’d have happily swapped lives!!

How I’ve got through this year without a nervous breakdown I will NEVER know.

I have decided that I won’t be as forward in helping anyone out anymore – especially those who I thought I could rely on. True colours and people’s intentions have definitely been shown and that’s something I won’t ever forget!

I’m praying that much happier and good times are coming our way and that all the bad times, sadness, stresses, worries and anger is now behind us. Roll on 2020 because 2019, I’m SO over you!

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