The book I’m currently reading and seriously enjoying is Katie Kirbys Reluctant Adult. @hurrahforgin

Having read her previous book, Hurrah For Gin and not being able to get enough of it (the book, not the Gin!) I was desperate to read more of Katie’s writing, so when I found out that Reluctant Adult was being released early October this year I just knew I HAD to have it! I remember telling Che (@mr_scorch) only once about it and much to my surprise he had bought it when it was released and gave it to me for an early birthday present. It had been sitting on my bed side for awhile just begging to be read! I started it about a week ago and have been pacing myself because I want to enjoy every page of this book. I have around a quarter of it left to read until I’ve finished it. 😭😭😭

There is at least one chapter every parent will relate to in this book. Katie writes about real life parenting while managing other day to day life and struggles, her writing is witty with some strong language used and her illustrations are literally the best!! 🀣🀣 It’s funny, down to earth and it will very quickly make you realise that as parents we all seem to have the same worries and actually, we’re all just winging this parenting thing together.

So if you’re looking for a new, good book to read then I can 100% recommend Reluctant Adult. You definitely WON’T be disappointed!

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