Managing Lock Down Tip #1

Managing Lock Down Tip #1

The best thing I ever did was distance myself and eventually delete people from social media and my life who are nothing but negative/nasty/bitter/jealous.

The ones who share post after post after post about this virus and literally nothing else. Don’t get me wrong I know it’s super serious and everyone is worrying about it but when these people on social media post nothing but stories about it all day every day it actually does more harm than good! Most of what they post is often scare mongering or incorrect information anyway.
I watch the news maybe once a day and read information online from health officials and that’s it.

The next lot of people I deleted were the ones who never seem to have a nice word to say about anyone. The ones who expect you to celebrate their successes but are bitter and try to make you feel awful when it comes to celebrating yours. Your successes could be anything no matter how big or small but these people won’t be happy for you.

Then there’s the ones who have always been jealous for whatever reason. The ones who you lightly called friends because you’ve always had that ‘feeling’ but you just couldn’t quite put your finger on it until things happen and your eyes are finally opened. It’s the ones who don’t know how to have a grown discussion and get the hump when your opinion is different to theirs. The ones who think everything is about them or something hits a nerve. The one who are jealous and bitter over your lifestyle and how the current situation affects you because it’s so different to theirs.

I’d advise everyone to really go through your friends list and think ‘When did I last speak to you?’ ‘What do you post and does it have a negative effect on me? ‘When did you last ask how me or my family are?’ ‘What do your posts include?’ etc… and go from there. Those that can’t be deleted for whatever reason, maybe mute them for awhile so you don’t see their posts.

How people feel about you is their problem not yours. Your mental health is SO important now more than ever, you do NOT need to apologise to anyone or feel bad for doing what makes you happy and living your life the way you do. ✌✌

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