Managing lock down Tip #2

Managing lock down Tip #2

Breathing tricks to feel calmer.

I think it’s pretty safe to say we’ve all had that feeling in your stomach and your chest where you feel you can’t breathe and you’re going to be sick. The panic you feel of the unknown and the life you once knew has been stopped so suddenly with no sign of returning to reality anytime soon. It’s fine to feel that way, everyone has felt it at some point during this lock down.

I’ve even experienced it too! Quite a few weeks ago I went to bed about 11ish but my brain was buzzing with all sorts of things and it was showing no signs of switching off so I could rest for the night. I went on my phone for a while to try and distract me and I tried reading but nothing was working!! I just laid there staring at the ceiling thinking about everything this virus has done to so many of us – the loss of lives, jobs, panic/worry, not seeing family or friends until god knows when, the plans we had as a family weren’t looking likely to go ahead. We had so much planned for this year right up until November because last year was just so awful for all of us. I felt like the worlds worst parent ever because there’s nothing I can do to stop this or resolve what’s happening right now.

3.30am that night I sat up in bed crying. Che was fast asleep next to me as I was trying not to have an anxiety attack or wake him up. I had been crying for about 20 mins when Che woke up and asked me what’s wrong. I told him, he hugged me and I felt a bit better and I settled back down to try and sleep for a bit.

There is a breathing trick I’ve been using to relax if I ever feel like that again plus it also helps with sleep too!

I breathe in deeply from my stomach to the count of 5 whilst saying to my self ‘positive in’,
Hold for 3 seconds,
Then breathe out to the count of 6 seconds whilst saying to myself ‘negative out’, relax and repeat until you feel more relaxed and calmer.

For sleeping; I breathe in deeply from my stomach for 7 seconds whilst saying to myself ‘positive in’,
Hold for 5,
Then breathe out for 8 seconds whilst saying to myself ‘negative out’, relax and repeat until you drop off.

Give it ago it really does work! It’s been helping me loads anytime I feel overwhelmed, stressed or worried. Remember this isn’t forever.

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