Hi – I’m still here πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Hi πŸ‘‹

I’m still here, still managing lockdown fairly well. We’ve had a few down moments a long the way but we’re all allowed those moments aren’t we? We’re all still learning how to manage this new ‘normal’ while still maintaining some of our old normal life.

I’ve worn make up about 4 times during this lock down so its had a bit of a break from me wearing it every day. My face has had a bit of a break out which I expected to happen and it seems I’m not the only one either. ☺☺
I ordered a detox mask because my skin was in need of some serious attention! I had a bit of a pamper session the other evening whilst watching ‘Ferne Mccann first time mum’ and Che was upstairs working. The mask I used was the L’Oreal Paris 3 Pure Clays and Charcoal Detox Mask, you leave it for 10 – 15 minutes and then rinse. I only used it on my nose, mouth and chin areas as that’s where it was most affected. It pulls out all of the impurities and gunk and it left my skin looking so much more fresher and clear afterwards, I was really impressed with it! Plus I felt loads better within myself too! ☺☺

I’ve managed to do a lot more self care during lock down and I intend on keeping it up when we go back to reality not just because I look better for it but because I feel better mentally. It’s simple little things that I didn’t do enough of before and now I’m doing them all the time.

What things have you been doing to feel better? Not just on the outside but the inside too. I’d be really interested to know!

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