👰🤵 11 Years 🤵👰

👰🤵 11 Years – 06/06/2009 🤵👰

I never know how to feel about this day anymore on what would’ve been mine and Peter’s 11th wedding anniversary. I feel like it shouldn’t bother me and I should just shrug it off and be glad that he’s not here anymore but I just can’t do that, that’s not me.

I’ve been horrible to live with for about a week or so and I’ve not really thought about what’s making me that way until last night. This anniversary always has a weird habit of just creeping up on me.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t felt sad today because I have. I looked at some pictures of Peter earlier and one made me feel even more sad because I miss the person he once was in that picture. The one on his own in his Army uniform, it’s probably one of my favourites of him. The picture was of a time when he was so happy and so proud to be in the Army, a time before things really changed and his demons took control.

I hope wherever he is now that he is free of those demons and he is happy again. I’ll forever miss him and a piece of me will always love him because without him, Isabelle wouldn’t be here.

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