🖐 Hi 👋

🖐 Hi 🖐

It feels like forever since I last posted properly on here.
Since making the pumpkin trail group my life has gone completely crazy – I’m not even joking! My life has changed a lot. 😀😀
I have been so busy organising the pumpkin trail, the competition, printing colouring sheets, contacting businesses, delivering sheets, putting together future trails and different things in-between events, I’ve FINALLY booked and paid for the first part of a course I’ve been looking to do for months which will tie all of my future plans nicely together… Oh and it’s now half term for 2 weeks. 🤩🤩
I’m knackered and there’s still loads to do before the first trail starts. 😄😄

I’ve had lots of opportunities present themselves, some I’ve grabbed and others I’m still thinking about. 😉
I will finally be launching the main part of my children’s mental health project early next year which will actually become my new business. I’m super excited, I really can’t wait to get going with it all. Four years of hard work is finally coming together. I’m making that dream a reality. 😁😁😁

Who knew that a simple Facebook group I created would kick start so much for me personally and present so many opportunities. A group that I thought would only have 100 members and that’s being generous! Yet, one month later and we’re at 4.5K members and it’s still growing daily. It’s pure madness, I honestly didn’t expect it to take off as much as it has. I’m proud of the hard work that’s been put into the group by my moderators, admin and I. Without them all, there’s no way I could keep up with the work on my own, I’m thankful for their hard work and efforts.

I can’t wait for the trail to start because seeing everyone’s efforts in action is going to be a truly moving moment. The majority of the local community have come together to make sure our local children have something fun to look forward to this year. The group isn’t just about trails though, it will also involve helping the local children with their mental health and well being. I will be uploading different things in between trails for children and their parents to do which will hopefully get them talking and spending time together away from devices. 😉

Roll on Halloween! 🎃 🎃 🎃

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