6th May 2019 – Taken from my Social Media Accounts.

When some very much needed family time was had.
Back to a happy place in Croyde Bay, North Devon. We stayed with Parkdean Resorts at Ruda Holiday park.
We had an amazing time away just the three of us. It was lovely to see Isabelle so full of confidence and joining in with the games, dances and interacting with the entertainments team – who were absolutely brilliant at what they do and how they were with Isabelle. Thank you to Paul, Kasey and Freddie for making Isabelles holiday even more special.
It was so good to see her happy and enjoying herself, she had us in fits of laughter with some of the things she came out with and did – I love Isabelles sense of humour!
We’ve all come back feeling refreshed, relaxed, happier and with a clear mind.
I’m hoping that the time away will help Isabelle to move on and focus on the happier times rather than the sadness we’ve all gone through over the past 7 months. I had a serious health scare at the end of October last year until January this year and is still on going with hospital appointments and possibly an other operation. Then the sudden death of Peter in January which affected us all in different ways.
Our break away was so very much needed more so for Isabelle than us, we wanted to give her something nice to look forward too – the holiday was all about her and what ever she wanted she got. If she wanted to go to the park we went, if she wanted to go swimming then we would go swimming, if she wanted an ice cream then she got it…you get the idea lol. Yes she was ridiculously spoilt by both of us but as I said before, it was her holiday and it was all about her, it was a chance for Isabelle to forget about everything for a little while and just have fun! As long as she was happy and had a brilliant time then we were happy. I’m pretty sure she had an amazing time because she cried a few times not wanting to come home and was worrying that we would never visit Croyde again – we DEFINETELY will be!!

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