🖤 H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A R Y 🖤

Happy 3 year anniversary to me. My blog is 3 years old today!

When I first started writing it was purely just for me; a place to say what’s on my mind and feel better for it afterwards. I never thought anyone else would read it or be interested in what I had to say but they did, they still are and it’s continuing to grow every day!

My blog might not be as big as other well known bloggers but I’m proud of mine and I’m proud of the direction it’s heading. A lot of ideas have come off the back of it as well as it helping alot of other people in their own lives. Helping others in that aspect makes me happy and it makes me feel like that all of this has been worth it.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog posts so far. Whether it be only one or two or you’ve only just started reading or you’ve been here since the beginning. I’m gratful to every single one of you for taking the time out of your day to read my ramblings – good and bad – and for sharing my posts on social media. It really does mean alot to me and I can’t even explain just how much I appreciate it. Thank you everyone, I hope you continue to keep reading and enjoy what I’m doing, this isn’t just for me anymore; it is for YOU. If I only help one person then I’ll be happy.

I would like to say a special Thank you to two people especially. Firstly to Che, @mr_scorch. Without him I might not have continued to write. He has given me encouragement, love and constant support as well as sharing my link with his followers on his social media accounts and on his @twitch streams. When I felt like giving it all up he encouraged me not too and pointed out all of the positives that’s come from it so far. Thank you bubs for everything. You can catch Mr_scorch’s streams at http://twitch.tv/mr_scorch and find him on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube as mr_scorch and Facebook as @mr scorch


Secondly is to Vicki, @honestmum. I messaged her quite awhile ago asking for advice, I never thought in a million years that she would reply but to my surprise she actually did! Her encouragement and support has also been on going ever since. She has inspired and supported me to carry on when I’ve been at my lowest and felt like giving writing up. Thank you SO much Vicki! You can find Vicki’s blog here: https://honestmum.com/ and catch her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as HonestMum

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